Wednesday, January 29 2014, Carlo appeared as guest on Enrico’s radioshow, Tuna Tonite.

The title chosen for this episode of the show was “Prima della Grammatica del Caos” (Before the Grammar of Chaos). “My intention was to dig out some songs from my archive/memories and go back to the time when the handbook of how to create extreme metal songs had yet to be created”- says Carlo –  “Being an old timer in the underground metal scene, I remember very well how it was in the eighties. There was a limited number of bands that were trying to create something more aggressive, but most of them were inexperienced, inadequately equipped, surrounded by indifference (or hatred). Still they went on in the pursit of their vision. Some failing miserably, some achieving considerable artistic results.  For sure you had to have a lot of guts to record a song like “Kill Your Mother” (Hellhouse) back in 1985. Today extreme metal bands are striving to be successful – back then they would have been happy not to be laughed at… Another thing I love from these old recordings is that they sound really different. Back then you really had to experiment and find your way – so results varied a lot.”

Below you can listen to the whole Tuna Tonite episode – all blabbling in between songs is in Italian (sorry guys…).

here is the tracklist:
1) Septic Death – Burial (Now that I have your attention what do I do with it, mini LP 1985)
2) Blue Cheer – Summertime Blues (vincebus eruptum, LP 1968)
3) Sarcofago – Christ Death (INRI, LP 1986)
4) Hellhouse – Kill Your Mother (Burn For Peace, demo 1985)
5) Hellhammer – Triumph Of death (Apocalyptic Raids, mini LP 1984)
6) Rapt – thrash war (split 7″ w/final blast, 1985)
7) Wretched – schiavo del sistema (split w/indigesti, 1982)
8) Schizo – nazi and proud (thrash the unthrashable thrash To Kill, demo 1985)
9) SoothSayer -Build the Terrorism (to be a real terorist, demo 1987)
10) SoothSayer – Deadly Fear (to be a real terorist, demo 1987)
11) Sore Throat – Screams Of Pain_Stench Of Mass Genocide_Nuclear Gore_Unrelenting Terror_Annihilation From Creation_Death Dust Extractor_Shell Shock_Communal Grave_No More Fucking War….. (aural butchery, demo 1987)
12) Azagthoth –  Circle Of Maniacs (shredded flesh, demo 1988)
13) Amebix – Axeman (Arise, LP 1985)
14) Hatred – Bloody Guts (drowning in afterbirth, demo 1986)
15) Blood – black massacre (deathcore, demo 1986)
16) Heresy – Never Healed (Never Healed, flexi 1986)
17) Unseen Terror – Oblivion Descends (human error, LP 1987)
18) Impetigo: Dis Organ Ized (Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, LP 1990)
19) Sodom: Sepulchral Voice (In The Sign Of Evil, Mini LP 1984)
20) Siege: Conform (Drop Dead, demo 1984)

Blow up your speakers!

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