Just out! “Underground Never Dies!” book: essential for all those who worship the earliest and purest forms of extreme metal and the ethics of the underground world that reigned from mid 80’s until early 90’s.

A very cool/luxurious volume by Andrés Padilla of Grinder Magazine (Chile) is just out on Chzech label Doomentia Records. More than three years in the making, 500 pages crammed with graphics and commentary. This is an act of faith more than just a book. An impressive collection of flyers/pictures/zines and reviews from the golden years of the extreme underground metal. With rotting cover art by Mark Riddick and testimonials from Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY), Erik Danielsson (WATAIN) and Alan Moses (Glorious Times) this volume has must have written all over it.
Also available Underground Never Dies compilation LP, CD, MC (each release has different songs on it) with tracks by Incubus, Slaughter Lord, Mutilated, Dr Shrinker, Necrovore Armoros, Poison, Fatal, Death Yell and many, many more!

Carlo had the honor to be asked to contribute to the project due to his participation to the 80’s scene via his Lethal Metal Zine (4 issues from 1986 until 1990), which he gladly did sending some original flyers from those years and sharing some  thoughts on that magical time.
Here’s a brief excerpt: “In my formative years as a music addict zines were the real thing. I remember reading a very bad review of Death’s “Scream Bloody Gore” (which I thought was immense) and turning my back once and forever to HM, the only Italian official metal magazine that existed back then. From then on there were only zines for me. And most of them I was getting from abroad, since death metal and grindcore were late discoveries here in Italy.
My fave zine in the 80/90’s was definitely Slayer Magazine, which was just one of a kind! Those who missed it should absolutely get the monster collection put out by Bazillion Points under the title “Metalion: The Slayer Mag Diaries”. The great thing about Slayer Mag, was that it always managed to be really informative, but also very funny in a way that fitted perfectly the extremism of death/black metal.
Other serious competitors to the fanzine stardom were Phoenix Militia, Decibels of Death, Morbid Magazine, Metal Chaos, Blackthorn, Maximum Rock’n’Roll, Ripping Headaches, Metal Forces, Metal Core, Metal Warriors… In more recent times I have kept myself busy reading a lot of underground publications (mostly books) some of which deal with music, some with art or movies, some with “apocalypse culture”, but whose revolutionary content equals the power of early Napalm Death. That’s where I find the same kind of mind blowing stimulations that I need to feed my intellect. I suggest the most adventurous of the folks out there to keep an eye on publishers like Feral House, Headpress, Timeless, Fab Press. Have a (un)safe trip…”

Get it until it lasts!!!


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