Resurrecturis' Nazienda Graphic Novel
Resurrecturis @ Lucca Comics & Games

Armed and ready to get you at Lucca Comics & Games 2014

Resurrecturis teamed up with graphic artist Albano Scevola to create graphic novel based on the plot of forthcoming album
After long months of work, Resurrecturis’ first comic book is ready to be presented at Lucca Comics (October 30th – November 2nd), Europe’s main event for comics, cosplay and role playing games.
“Nazienda – Graphic Novel” is a 32-page opus that develops the same storyline of “Nazienda” CD, which is currently in the final stages of production.
“We feel that the framework around which we wrote the songs of our next album opens to a lot of incredible possibilities. It’s a very simple story that can potentially resonate with the soul of every working person on the planet. You know, certain things are pretty much the same everywhere…
We can foresee a lot of appreciation to come even from non-metal people. Many of them may be pushed away by the harshness of our music, but through this booklet they will find another way to relate to what we have to say. In this respect we really love what we have done.
The project to create a comic book came very naturally, We met Albano, who is a very talented artist, we explained him what we had in mind and he was immediately into it. Few days later the first drafts started appearing in our mailboxes…” (Carlo Strappa / Resurrecturis)
The front cover of “Nazienda – Graphic Novel” was painted by renamed Italian artist, Daniele Cudini, back cover was drawn by Yan Sek who is known for his collaboration with Suicide Silence and  Bring Me The Horizon among others.
The first print-run of “Nazienda – Graphic Novel” will be limited to a few hundreds of copies for the premiere at Lucca Comics, a guerilla marketing action has also been planned!
See you in Tuscany!!!
resurrecturis Nazienda Back Cover by Yan Sek

Back cover design by Yan Sek…

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