We are coming to get you at Cartoomics Fair 2015
Resurrecturis Nazienda - Graphic Novel

Excerpt from “Nazienda – Graphic Novel” by Resurrecturis and Albano Scevola

Following hot on the trails of the participation to Lucca Comics 2014 last November, Resurrecturis is armed and ready for a second incursion in the territory of comic art and cosplay, namely the Cartoomics exhibition in Milan from 13th until 15th of March.
This time Resurrecturis will have a official base – a stand in the Self Comics area (table # 20). So anybody visiting the fair make sure to drop by and check us out.
In the stand we will have copies of our “Nazienda – Graphic Novel”, plus our albums and some merchandise on sale.
“Nazienda – Graphic Novel”  is a 32-page comic book drawn by graphic artist Albano Scevola and is based on the plot of forthcoming album, “Nazienda” that is in the final stages of production.
“After Lucca Comics, we felt like just wanting to do more of this music / comics crossover and as we heard of Cartoomics in Milan, we felt like the most natural thing to go for it and also secure a small official presence for ourselves in the form of a small booth at the fair. This must be a rather unusual thing for metal bands to do, but anyone knowing us is aware that we are one of a kind…
The feedback we are getting from the first copies of “Nazienda – Graphic Novel” that we sold has been incredible, so we really feel like giving this work a chance and put a lot of hard work into circulating copies of it. (Carlo Strappa / Resurrecturis)
The front cover of “Nazienda – Graphic Novel” was painted by renamed Italian artist, Daniele Cudini, back cover was drawn by Yan Sek who is known for his collaboration with Suicide Silence and  Bring Me The Horizon among others.
resurrecturis Nazienda Back Cover by Yan Sek

Back cover design by Yan Sek…

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