The sound of the Ripping Death…

The closing chapter of our demo trilogy and the beginning of a new era in the sound of Resurrecturis

“Corpses” hailed the beginning of our collaboration with producer David Lenci, the missing element that lead us to the definition of our sound. David is a true rock producer who knows how to deal with distorted guitars and aggressive sounds. He really did a killer job on Resurrecturis, being the first to be able to deal with the different aspects of our sound.

We got in touch with David through our friends in noise band Three Second Kiss. David read a rave review of our second demo in Rumore Magazine and remained impressed. When it got down to do something together things clicked. By then we had gathered a good experience as a live band, we had some decent gear and our songwriting skills were consistant. This demo occupies a real special place in our history – for the first time we had a proper production to support our efforts and the result was great!

The tape took the underground by storm. Despite some difficulties in accepting our more romantic side, we gathered an incredible support by fanzines, official magazines and radios.
We were ready to conquer the world.

Sounds of Death Possessed our Souls – Corpses Forever Screaming their Rage!” (“Corpses Forever”, Resurrecturis)


“Corpses” Promo Tape
self produced
March 1997
Produced by David Lenci
Total running time: 19:38

Jerry di Tullio – vocals
Janos Murri – lead guitar
Carlo Strappa – rhythmic guitar
Gianluca Bassi – bass
Gloria Strappa – guest female vocals


Album Reviews

I don't quite know what to make of this tape. The first two tracks, "Fear No Evil" and "Corpses Forever", are powerful, raging, melodic Death Metal explosions with memorable guitar hooks and tight, blasting arrangements. The next track, "Midnight Letter", is a slow ballad, complete with female vocals and acoustic guitars that sound like an outtake from the last Cranberries or 10.000 Maniacs album. Following that little bit of nonsense, Resurrecturis blasts their way through two more Powerful Death Metal Tunes, "Il Canto" and "Isole". There is much to recommend about this release, including killer packaging and production, top-notch musicanship and a unique approach to heavy Death Metal music that deserves a certain amount of recognition.
David Horn (Sounds Of death # 9)