Evil Confronting Evil


Il Male Contro Il Male

Still suffering for inappropriate production but much better in musicanship and song-writing abilities, our second demo really put Resurrecturis on the map!

This tape was made a couple of weeks after Jerry joined us on vocals. We stared with smiles Painted on our faces when we first heard him roaring his way through our songs. By then our lead guitarist Janos had already been with us for some time and he had contibuted to the evolution of our sound. The quality of the songwriting had improved drastically, with a more essential and direct approach.
These elements made this second demo so much better than its 1995 predecessor, and convinced US label Wild Rags Records decided to re-release it as a mcd in 1997.

“Songs like “Il Male Contro Il Male”, “I Corpi Privi Di Vita” and “Mi Guardo Dentro” are still part of our live set, some 20 years after their original inception. This says a lot about their power and catchiness…” (Carlo)


“Evil Confronting Evil” demo tape
self produced
March 1996
Produced by Fernando Casas
Total running time: 20:40

Jerry di Tullio – vocals
Janos Murri – lead guitar
Carlo Strappa – rhythmic guitar
Gianluca Bassi – bass
Gloria Strappa – guest female vocals


Album Reviews

Twenty minutes of darkened Death Metal here, very professionally presented too. Unusually for such a genre the band use a drum machine, but thanks to a solid production, it does remain not too obvious in their sound. The growls, which sound similiar to Max Cavalera in his more youthful days, sing in a mixture of Italian and English languages and add a touch of sinister evil to the proceedings. Clear, accurate and precision riffs drive it all on and enhance the menacing athmosphere present throughout the six songs.
First, we get a melodic instrumental which would allow the naive to be lulled into a false sense of security. For as the tape winds on, the intense and focused rifferama and the rabidly programmed drum computer crash in and we realize that Resurrecturis are a different kettle of fish altogether. "Mi Guardo Dentro" is a section of coldly violent, powerful Death Metal with its syncopated double bass drumming and punchy attack. The Italians seem to be at their finest when they try their hand at semi-technical melodies and rhythms, such as that which we find in "No Dreams Allowed", but the guys seem to have a slight preference for straight heads-down blast beats, c.f. "Stem The Bloodbath". Unfortunately, the demo drags it out towards the end with a couple of unmemorable numbers, but all in all it's a competent stab at Death Metal.
I will remember my first experience of Resurrecturis as hearing a band with a precise and clinical killer edge and an element of athmosphere. this is the sort of thing that would go down a storm in some dark, crepuscular underground venue packed with dark, deathly souls. So if the band could perhaps hone onto that technical streak which is already embryonic in their music and perhaps acquire the skills of a decent drummer (seems to be something of a rare breed these days, perhaps the first victim of the technologization of Metal), they could be going places. Good Suff
Nick (The Dead Sea Zine)