No Flesh Shall Be Spared


A good day you can tell by its morning…

Listening to this demo tape today can give quite a measure of how much time passed since the first inception of Resurrecturis, but in spite of this, it’s still Resurrecturis to the bone…

After spending something like 5 years in the relearsal room and playing sparse gigs around Italy, Resurrecturis finally made their official recorded debut.
Recording with a producer that was devoted to country music wasn’t the greatest choice, but back then you didn’t have much option.

At the time of its release, “Ho Flesh Shall Be Spared” made quite a huge impression in the underground. We were probably the first band ever to use Italian language in a death-thrash context, which made a good point of interest. Besides Carlo had already been part of the network for around 10 years and had many connections thanks to his Lethal Metal Zine. This enabled Resurrecturis to distribute something like 1200 copies of this demo, paving the way for greater things to come…

“Pioggia d’acqua cade sulle nostre idee e come acido le cancella… lentamente… a righe… le consuma” (“La Paura del Buio”, Resurrecturis 1995)

“No Flesh Shall Be Spared” demo tape
Self Produced
February 1995
Front cover “La crocefissione di San Pietro” Masaccio
Total running time: 12:10

Giacomo Franca – vocals
Carlo Strappa – guitar
Gianluca Bassi – bass
Tiziano Fabiani – drums


Album Reviews

Brutal, speedy death metal from Italy. They even sing in Italian. This is some really killer stuff. I'd advise any Death heads to wtite to this band.
Chris Forbes (metal Core)