The end of an Era…

Following hot on the tail of our three demo tapes, “Nocturnal” in our plans was supposed to estabilish us in the international death metal underground. Unfortunately things went different!

A wrong partner can really destroy years of hard work. That’s the lesson we learnt with our 1998’s debut album, “Nocturnal”.
After our three successful demo tapes we were among Italy’s hottest newcomers. After turning down offers from Italian Nosferatu (who launched Sadist) and US pioneer label Wild Rags Records (Nuclear Death, Impetigo, Blood, etc.) we chose to sign with newborn Dutch label Power Records. We were offered some money to pay back part of the investment that we had made in the recording of the album (which we had started without a deal to cover our asses), but not much of the promotion and distribution that was discussed before signing the contract came into being. The distribution was particularly terrible and we received many letters from fans that could not find the album anywere.

That was a real shame.

Despite all the years that passed, “Nocturnal” is still a kick ass album, with a lot of variation and drive. Jerry’s vocals are at their most intense. Janos thrashy guitar pyrotecnics delivered. And, yeah, songs like “Fear No Evil” or “Il Male Contro Il Male” definately rage!!!
The ideal complement of the years of our musical formation!

Probably when the wind is not in your favour, there is not much you can do about it. So after much talks of hitting the road with the likes of Absu or Paradise Lost, we ended up booking our self-produced “Suicidal Mission” European Tour in early 2000. It was an amazing experience and a fairly successful venture but nearly ended in tragedy when less than 200 Km’s from home one of our van’s tyres exploded, presenting us with some broken bone, a lot of damaged equipment and a resigning bassist.

“Sometimes I think we are still recovering from all the shit that happened that day on the A14 motorway…” (Carlo)


“Nocturnal” CD
Power Rds (Holland)
October 1998
Produced by David Lenci
Front cover by Jerry di Tullio
Total running time: 43.11

Jerry di Tullio – vocals
Janos Murri – lead guitar
Carlo Strappa – rhythmic guitar
Gianluca Bassi – bass
Gloria Strappa – guest female vocals


Album Reviews

This is an Italian band and their style is a blend of death, grind and groove. And it sounds pretty good in my ears. Both the male and female vocals are upfront in the sound picture and vary between clean vocals and the one of the more dark and growling variety. The sound is dark and underground. At the same time it emphasises all nuances in the music. This band has absolutely found their style and identity.
AJ. Blisten (Scream Magazine # 51)