The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell



Second strike is deadly!

“The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell” is the bastard son of the tensions and clashes in a band that is mutating and whose leader is not leading it anymore.

The title TCCOH comes from the movie “Last House On The Left” and it’s meant to pay respect to the spirit of the underground and the people who inhabit it.

End of 2000, Carlo had to move to another city and start a new job, which meant that he could not devote to Resurrecturis as much time as he used to. This brought a loss of focus, a drastic reduction in the band’s activities and the explosion of the latent tensions within the line up. The writing process of the new songs proved to be difficult and litigious. And by the end of the recording session (2003) it took more than six months to find the motivations to mix the album and shop it around.

The self released version of the album caught the interest of Mondongo Canibale records from Spain, a label run by members of Haemorrhage and Greenfly. The album was re-released in 2004 and spread around by the label and the band.

For sure this album is the most violent release by Resurrecturis ever. Songs like “The Last Sun” and “The Hate” will blow you away with their blistering intensity and downtuned guitar assault. The trademark Resurrecturis variety is well represented by episodes like “Sleeping Reason”, “InArt’s Death” or “Inversion-Perversion”, that explore territories like stoner rock or noise.


“The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell”
Mondongo Canibale (Spain) December 2003
Produced by Andrea Mei
Front cover by Daniele Cudini
Total running time: 36:08

Ivan Di Marco – vocals
Janos Murri – lead guitar
Carlo Strappa – rhythmic guitar
Gianluca Mandolesi – bass
Omar Moretti – drums


Album Reviews

Lately there hasn't been that much music that has caught my attention right away but I must confess that was definitely not the case with The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell from Italian death metallers Resurrecturis. Once I put the album in the CD-player I was immediately sold and the album has been on heavy rotation since.
The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell is a very diverse album that in an interesting way combines old school death metal with both thrash, heavy metal and even a little bit of rock music. The songs are memorable and very organic. The music is not just your typical full throttle death metal sure there's a few place where the band plays fast and really brutal but mostly the songs are played at a mid-paced tempo which suits the music perfectly. A couple of the songs have clean vocals incorporated but of course there's nothing new or innovative about this but none the less it works perfectly and provides the soundscape with even more variation and freshness. Furthermore songs like "The Hate", "Inversion-Perversion" and "Helmet Logic" are soaked in odd riffs and breaks which overall gives the album a very unique feel and atmosphere.
The production is thick, juicy and yet clear so you're still able to hear all the little details. It's very obvious that the band draw on a lot of different influences and that really provides The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell with a stint of uniqueness and therefore it's not just your usual average death metal album but of course a lot of it may have been heard before but none the less Resurrecturis have crafted an album that is special and somewhat out of the ordinary. And honestly it serves as a nice break from all the standard releases that often surface.
Per Laursen (Supreme Brutality - )