The Origin…

Resurrecturis began in 1990 and has been around in some form ever since.

After various attempts at forming a band Carlo Strappa, then a regular presence in the early underground Death metal scene via his Lethal Metal Zine (1986-1990), finally managed to put a line up together, debuting live on October 31st 1991.

In the years from 1995 to 1997 Resurrecturis achieved some sort of underground status recording 3 classic demo tapes: “No Flesh Shall Be Spared”, “Evil Confronting Evil” (re-released as MCD by US pioneering label Wild Rags Records) and “Corpses Forever”.

1998 saw the release of the debut cd “Nocturnal” on Dutch label Power Rds. The album was very well received by the musical press worldwide but suffered from poor distribution. Only a licensed versions on picture 12″ and double cassette box (w/all demos as a bonus) partially saved the day.

The “Suicidal Mission” 2000 European tour saw successful shows in Belgium, Holland, Portugal and Slovenia but ended with a near fatal car crash on the way back home. More gigs and some international festival (i.e. the infamous Open Flatuss in Slovenia as co-headliner with Cockney Rejects) were played in the following years.

A new album emerged in 2004 under the twisted title of “The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell”. The album, a self production, was cheered with excellent reviews and attracted some label interest in the form of a re-release by Spanish label Mondongo Canibale (run by members of Haemorrhage and GreenFly). The band’s decision to offer the album (and later the entire discography) for free from their official web site with thousands of downloads greatly increased the underground popularity of Resurrecturis.

In 2005 Resurrecturis has toured Europe with Vital Remains for the last 17 dates of the “Vital Brutality” tour, making a powerful impact on the audiences in countries like Germany, Switzerland, France, Poland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

2006 saw the band accompanying on the road Impaled Nazarene, Macabre and Jungle Rot in France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary. The peak of this intense live activity are the participation to the Fuck The Commerce festival in Germany (with Hate Eternal, Extreme Noise Terror and countless more) and a co-headlining slot at the Pollution Festival in Turin in 2006.

End of 2008 saw the release of Resurrecturis’ third album, “Non Voglio Morire” on British Casket Records (sub-label of Copro records). The band’s first videoclip for the song “The Fracture” was also produced. The album has encountered mixed reactions, due to his extreme musical diversity that defies easy labeling.

On September 25th 2015 Resurrecturis will release their 4th album, “Nazienda”, for Mighty Music Records (Denmark).