Angelo De Santi entered Resurrecturis shorthly after the end of the recording session for 2015’s “Nazienda”.
Former Resu-drummer, Alessandro Vagnoni, is quite a name in Italian extreme metal scene thanks to his collaboration with bands like Dark Lunacy, Infernal Poetry, Darkside (Austria) and more recently Bologna Violenta.
Being a new name to the scene and a killer drummer himself, after the first round of rehearsals and live shows, Angelo decided it was time to show the world that he could take off exactly where Alessandro Vagnoni left.
So he went to a friend’s rehearsal space and with the help of videomaker Andrea Caliendi and soundman Stefano Manarello, he recorded two Resurrecturis’ songs: “06:30 The Alarm” and “10:30 Animals In The Meeting Room”.

“The videos sound and look very cool. Angelo’s performance is just brilliant for he not just limited himself to the execution of the parts I recorded with Resurrecturis, but he also added a lot of his own, just like a musician is expected to do.” (Alessandro Vagnoni / Bologna Violenta / Dark Lunacy)

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