Resurrecturis unearth pro-shot video covers from “Death to Death Metal” concert

First video of the series is a cover of Death’s “Symbolic”

Here’s the story:  back in 2011, one year after the death of Ronnie James Dio, Resurrecturis got invited to perform at a metal festival that aimed to celebrate the musical legacy of Dio and to gather funds for the battle against cancer.
Since many initiatives were already being taken to celebrate the passing of the great singer, Resurrecturis decided to dedicate their performance to less celebrated heroes that had already met their fate but who had an important influence on the musical development of Resurrecturis.
Resurrecturis dubbed that night’s show “Death to Death Metal” and played a setlist that was composed of two original tunes + 4 cover versions of seminal grindcore, death, black metal acts whose passed away members Resurrecturis wanted to celebrate that night.

Starting from March 31st, every two weeks, Resurrecturis will publish on their YouTube channel a video from that concert.
The first song to be released is a cover of “Symbolic” by Death which is dedicated to Chuck Schuldiner (05/13/1967 – 12/13/2001)

“RJ Dio was undoubtedly a great musician who left a huge mark in rock history. When we were offered to take part in this festival I could not think of anybody in the arena who would not be aware of Dio’s legacy and importance, so the idea was to create a smaller space where other less celebrated musicians would be remembered. After all they were more important than RJ Dio in our musical formation and nobody was thinking (at least to our knowledge) to put up festivals to celebrate their lives and musical achievements. Thus the “Death to Death Metal” concert was born.
Our debt to Chuck Schuldiner’s Death is undeniable. Since I bought “Scream Bloody Gore” during a visit to London in 1987, I was hooked forever. In 1993 I was finally able to see the band live in Florence while they were at their peak of creativity. Later on I took some time to thoroughly study the guitar parts of “Individual Thought Patterns”, since I felt they represented a new advancement in what was possible in terms of metal riffing. I remember clearly the pleasure of deciphering these complex song structures.
For these and many other reasons we chose to remember Death and Chuck in our live tribute to the great masters of extreme music.”
(Carlo Strappa / Resurrecturis)

Resurrecturis line up on the video is composed by:
Carlo Strappa (g), Enrico Tiberi (v), Marco Raccichini (g), Manuel Coccia (b), Alessandro Vagnoni (d).

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