Fourth and last video in our live covers series…

Over the last two months Resurrecturis have published on their YouTube video channel a string of live video covers as a tribute to passed away greats of the extreme metal scene. Now the time as come to remember the controversial
Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth (22/03/1968 – 10/08/1993) and Per “Dead” Yngve Ohlin (16/01/1969 – 8/04/1991) of the infamous Mayhem, who died horrible deaths in 1991 and 1993.

“I first heard Mayhem in 1986 through a friend who was doing a fanzine named Cerebral Haemorrhage. The production was raw, the drums were loud and the vocals were otherworldly. Through Slayer Magazine and a few other information outlets I followed the evolution of the band and their morbid philosophy. For sure they were different, more extreme and more committed than most. A bunch of charismatic lunatics with an evil agenda!
The demise of Dead and Euronymous was undoubtedly a tragedy for the extreme metal scene. I can only try and imagine what the two would have created!”
(Carlo Strappa / Resurrecturis)

Resurrecturis line up on the video is composed by:
Carlo Strappa (g), Enrico Tiberi (v), Marco Raccichini (g), Manuel Coccia (b), Alessandro Vagnoni (d).

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