“…Struggling with my own limitations – through art I reunite myself”
“The Fracture” is a song off Resurrecturis’ third album “Non Voglio Morire” (Casket Records) and is the first professional videoclip ever by Italian metal band Resurrecturis.
Themed on the possibility to compose profound lacerations through the practice of art, “The Fracture” derives its imagery and inspiration from the world of contemporary art and more specifically the works of Viennese Actionists like Gunter Brus and Hermann Nitsch.
The collaboration with emerging Italian artist, Samuele Santi, who lent the band some of his works to be included in the set added a important visual element to the set and further reinforced the links with the artistic world that the whole “Non Voglio Morire” project is intended to have.

Resurrecturis line up in the video:
Carlo Strappa – guitar
Marco Raccichini – guitar
Manuel Coccia – bass
Alessandro Vagnoni – drums
Enrico Aguzzi – stand in vocalist

Director + SFx: Andrea Gommo Giomaro
Director of photography + Editing: Henry Secchiaroli
Producer: Pamela Bursi
Paintings: Samuele Santi


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