Second instalment in our live covers video series…

This footage comes from a festival in 2011, that was organized to celebrate the life and musical achievements of Ronnie James Dio. Resurrecturis chose to dedicate their show to other, less celebrated, personalities and played a setlist that was composed of two original tunes + 4 cover songs versions of seminal grindcore, death, black metal acts whose passed away members Resurrecturis wanted to remember that night.

The aim of this cover of Terrorizer‘s classic “Fear of Napalm” is to salute the musical genius of Jesse Pintado (07/12/1969 – 08/27/2006) and his great work in bands like Terrorizer, Napalm Death, Lock Up, Brujeria.

“I started chasing demo tapes of Terrorizer after reading a review on Bill Steer’s zine Phoenix Militia. They said something like “Hear Terrorizer at all costs. They Grind!” Needless to say I immediately started asking my fellow tape traders and finally received some raw 3rd generation tapes that literally blew me away…
A little later, in 1990, I got the chance to see Napalm Death twice, the first time they came to Italy. They were on tour for “Harmony Corruption” and Jesse was already in. After that I saw ND countless times and always remained a loyal fan of theirs.
I profoundly love the work of Jesse Pintado, he had a unique style and wrote many classic songs that gave me a lot of pleasure and excellent material to study and reflect upon, trying to develop something that could be as intriguing and devastating.” (Carlo Strappa / Resurrecturis)

Resurrecturis line up on the video is composed by:
Carlo Strappa (g), Enrico Tiberi (v), Marco Raccichini (g), Manuel Coccia (b), Alessandro Vagnoni (d).

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