Holy cow! Alessandro Vagnoni, drummer extraordinaire in “Non Voglio Morire” and “Nazienda”, has published an intense drum playthough of “The Origin” (off “Non Voglio Morire”).
Over the years, Alessandro has lent his talents to wild beasts like Infernal Poetry, Ronin, Bologna Violenta, Darkside among others and his held in high consideration in alternative music circles in Italy, well beyond the perimeter of metal music.
Watching this video is a joy for all those who are into dynamic, high-octane drumming and relentless death/grind
Hats off for Alessandro!!


“Death-Metal and the urgency of Grind-core have always coexisted in Carlo Strappa’s Resurrecturis, since 1990 (!). Not disdaining hybridizations with electronics, Pop-Folk song format, Garage-Noise and so on, Carlo was one of the first in Italy to deal with Grind and Death-Metal in various fanzines (if I remember correctly he is mentioned in the thanklist on the first press of Napalm Death’s FETO).” (Alessandro Vagnoni / Bologna Violenta / Dark Lunacy, Ronin, Darkside)