Third video in our live covers series…

The footage comes from a festival in 2011 that was organized to celebrate the life and musical achievements of Ronnie James Dio. Resurrecturis chose to dedicate their show to other, less celebrated, personalities and played a setlist that was composed of two original tunes + 4 cover versions of seminal grindcore, death, black metal acts whose passed away members Resurrecturis wanted to remember that night.

Now it’s the turn of Polish death metal kings, Vader, whose influential drummer, Doc, died at the age of 35.

“The song “Carnal” is a one-of-a-kind classic. It’s as experimental and atmospheric as it is savagely brutal. While we were on tour with Vital Remains in 2005, they were playing this song every night to remember their friend Doc. No matter how tired or busy I was, I never missed this part of VR set!
I got in touch with Vader’s Piotr at the time of their “Necrolust” demo. I already had listened to some Polish underground metal, Imperator, which I liked, and some other that I don’t remember anymore, but Vader were another story altogether! They were shockingly good for the time and the conditions they were operating in (Poland before the fall of the iron curtain) and for a large part this was due to the frantic rhythms of Doc.
From then on, every time a new release emerged or a gig happened, Vader always confirmed they were on top of that game called death metal!”
(Carlo Strappa / Resurrecturis)

Resurrecturis line up on the video is composed by:
Carlo Strappa (g), Enrico Tiberi (v), Marco Raccichini (g), Manuel Coccia (b), Alessandro Vagnoni (d).

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