The videoclip of “The Fracture” by Resurrecturis has achieved some sort of cult notoriety.
In this video you will get a glimpse of what happened behind the scenes during the preparation and the shooting sessions of the videoclip. A total of 3 days of filming and countless hours of pre and post production marked by blood, sweat and no tears!
With english subtitles!


Resurrecturis line up in the video:
Carlo Strappa guitar
Marco Raccichini guitar
Manuel Coccia bass
Alessandro Vagnoni drums
Enrico Aguzzi stand in vocalist

“The Fracture” Director + SFx: Andrea Gommo Giomaro
“The Fracture” Director of photography + Editing: Henry Secchiaroli
“The Fracture” Producer: Pamela Bursi
Production: HeGo Film
Paintings: Samuele Santi
Backstage photographer: Luigi Angelucci

Making of The Fracture video by Explorecom